About A Smile For My Love Project

A few years back, I wanted to make my wife smile. So, I figured the best way to do it was to self-deprecate in THE MOST obvious fashion. 


I donned a pink dance leotard, a pink tutu and sunglasses. I had my youngest daughter (about 10 years old at the time), take pictures of me in this outfit all throughout Louisville and Frankfort. That said, it was November when we did this...AND she had to take the picture FAST, before I got apprehended by the 'men-in-white-coats'.


I also made a doll to give to her under the tree to let her know to go to this website (see below).

She could barely stop laughing long enough to go online and see the rest of the gift.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! She smiled and still smiles to this day!



Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 5.13.23 PM.png

A Smile for My Love Doll / Website Indicator

I made a doll to give to Sharron under the tree to let her know to go to this website.


How I did it:

  • I took a Ken-doll and shaved his head

  • I added a black watch to its wrist

  • I bought a doll with pink leotard and tutu and donned this shaven Ken with the same

  • I printed out a couple of pics from the site and pasted it to the packaging.

Done and Done

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 6.29.59 PM.png

Family is Funny Enough...

As the funny-side of life presents itself, it will get posted here.

Be on the look out for a Facebook Page soon.

Until then, enjoy!